When I show a home to a buyer, the first thing they notice is its curb appeal. That’s a term for how a home looks from the curb. The better the curb appeal, the more interested a buyer is in seeing the inside of your home. Here are a few areas you should focus your efforts on in order to improve your curb appeal.

1. Paint. Buyers are going to notice cracked or chipping paint. Even if it’s not cracked or chipped, a fresh coat of paint can really increase your curb appeal.

2. Landscaping. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it just has to be clean. If your yard isn’t in the best shape, we’d be happy to refer you to someone who can help get it back on track.

“The better the curb appeal, the more interested the buyer is.”

4. Make sure doorknobs and knockers are polished

5. Test your doorbell to make sure it is working properly.

6. Make sure your address is clearly visible on the house and the mailbox.

7. Get a new doormat

These are just a few of the things you can do to help buyers have a fantastic first impression when they come to see your home. If you have any questions for us about getting your home ready for sale, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to help.