Today I want to discuss a way you can avoid sabotaging your home purchase, with regards to the home inspection process.

So you’ve found your dream home, and you’ve paid an inspector to come and tell you what’s wrong with the home—a hard pill to swallow to begin with.

It’s a good idea, in this instance, to make a list of three things based on the inspection report you receive: The things that need to be done, the things you’d like to be done, and what things you can do yourself.

The things you need to be fixed or addressed on this list will probably be anything major, such as issues with the heating, electrical, or the plumbing.

“It’s possible to look at these things from both sides so that everybody wins.”

The things you’d like to be addressed will likely vary based on your tastes, but these might include certain cosmetic changes like paint colors and so on.

Lastly, if there are things you can easily do yourself, do them. Don’t ask the sellers to change out the light bulbs for you, as an example.

Just be careful about what you’re asking for; sometimes sellers get a long list of requests for repairs that include just about everything that was on the inspector’s report. Remember that this is a seller’s market, and it’s possible to look at these things from both sides so that everybody wins.

If you have any questions about home inspections or other topics relating to real estate, we would love to talk to you. Feel free to reach out anytime.